About Global Documents Online

Global Documents Online is considered the leading knowledge certificate program for those who work in the field of construction within the United Kingdom.

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card is proof that the person has completed the necessary education and has the required skills to be employed at a construction site. It is issued by Construction Industry Training Board (CITB). It is the Construction Industry Training Board is the organization accountable for cards (CITB). This card assists in raising the standard of jobs performed at construction sites across the UK in addition to the degree of security at the sites. This can be achieved by ensuring that workers working at construction sites are able to demonstrate the appropriate skills.

The person is not required to have the CSCS card for compliance to any regulations or laws as such compliance is not mandatory. The determination of whether employees have to show documents for them to procure access to their site is the sole discretion of the client or principal contractor, or whichever is accountable for the project. In contrast, it is the norm that the majority of the major contractors and builders require that the workers working on their construction sites have an identification card that proves they are still in use. This is just one prerequisite that need to be satisfied in order for a person to get a license or certificate.

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