CISRS Scaffolding Supervisor Card


CISRS Scaffolding Supervisor Card

The CISRS Scaffolding Supervisor Card is a certification that demonstrates the holder’s competence and knowledge in supervising scaffolding operations. This card is issued by the Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS), a recognized authority in scaffolding training and certification.

Key features of the CISRS Scaffolding Supervisor Card:

  • Validates the holder’s proficiency in scaffolding supervision
  • Ensures compliance with industry standards and safety regulations
  • Indicates completion of relevant training and assessment
  • Provides employers and clients with assurance of competence

With the CISRS Scaffolding Supervisor Card, individuals are equipped to oversee scaffolding projects with confidence, ensuring safety, efficiency, and adherence to best practices.

For more information about obtaining or renewing the CISRS Scaffolding Supervisor Card, please visit the official CISRS website.


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